Machrie Bay GC was founded in 1900 and the course architect was Willie Fernie.


Originally the 9th hole we play today was the 1st hole, with our now 8th green being the final green.

Machrie hall was opened in 1934 and upgraded in 2005.

Famously, Walter Hagen came to play Machrie Bay on August 10th 1937, along with Australian Pro Joe Kirkwood Sr.

The new 3rd hole was opened in 2005, and this extended the 4th hole (tee) back by some 70 yards.

After many winters with the sea coming over the old 1st hole, the difficult decision was made to build a new 1st hole on higher ground. This new 1st hole was opened in 2015.

In April 2022 the Golf Club took over the running of the golf course from Dougarie Estate.

alt text

Before Machrie hall was built.

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Baldy Craig, Walter Hagen & Joe Kirkwood at the old 7th hole.

alt text

Joe Kirkwood driving at the old 8th.

alt text

Hagen, Kirkwood & Baldy Craig on the old 1st green.


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